Meet the Staff


Chris Hedgepeth: Owner

My name is CJ Hedgepeth and I am a father of two girls. I played college basketball and football, and I have a general associate's degree and an associate's of science. I have a lot of love for kids due to my mom having me around kids at her in-home daycare ever since I can remember. I am a big kid myself, and I love to joke and play around.

Dejong Washington: Director

Hello! My name is Dejong Washington (pronounced "Dee-yawn"). I have one spoiled daughter named Mylah! I also have two dogs named King and Kallie. I have been in the childcare field for over ten years, including owning my own in-home daycare for three years. Before that, I helped run my mother's daycare. In my free time, I like to cook, read, travel, and spend time with my family.

Kailee Kremer: Administrator

Hi! My name is Kailee and I am the administrator here at Clouds of Joy. You'll probably see me up front at my desk when you first walk in! I have one wild child named Aribella, and I also have two cats named Beans and Chiquita Banana. In my free time, you can catch me spending time with my daughter or playing games with my friends. I also love baking and making art of all kinds!

Teachers-Infant Room:

Susie Bartlett-Lead Teacher

Hi, I'm Ms. Susie and I have been a teacher for 7 years! I earned my CDA from Henderson Community College. I have two sons and a grandson, and a granddaughter! My favorite color is red, I cheer for the Colts, and I spend my free time hanging out with my grandchildren and family.

Cassandra Berlin-Assistant Teacher

Hello everyone! My name is Ms. Cassie or Ms. Cass, whichever is easier! I am a single mother to two young boys, Carson who will be 5 in October, and Colson who just turned 2 in March! I am 30 years old, turning 31 in September! I was born and raised in Evansville. In my free time, I like to work on diamond art paintings, reading, and working on word searches. I got into teaching because I love watching children learn and watching their minds soak up every ounce of knowledge we give them! I am so excited to be working with your children and watching them progress as they get older!

One's Room:

Kahlyn Hurtz-Lead Teacher

My name is Ms. Kahlyn! I am the lead teacher in the 1-year-old classroom. I enjoy working out, reading, and shopping. I am currently enrolled to take courses toward my CDA. I am very family oriented, I hope to have three children of my own and adopt a teen one day in the future!

Nancy Joseph-Assistant Teacher

Hi! My name is Nancy. I am the assistant in the one-year-old
classroomI am from Haiti and I am 39 years old. I have three children, CJ, NJ, and RA. In my free time, I like to watch TV, read, cook, and clean. I love spending time with both my own children and yours!

Two's Room:

Alexis Sanford-Lead Teacher

Hi! My name is Alexis and I'm the lead in the two's room! I have my CDA and am pursuing my career in early childcare education. I have a 10 month old son here at the daycare who loves to be tickled!

Two and 1/2's Room:

Jessica Knight-Lead Teacher

Hi, my name is Jessika and I've lived in Indiana my whole life. I'm very excited to meet all my students and watch them learn and grow. I graduated from Benjamin Bosse high school in 2011. I am excited to announce that in Summer 2024, I am starting my CDA classes at Ivy Tech. Some of my favorite things are purple, spring and fall, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Mexican and Chinese food, Dr. Pepper, hanging out with friends, and being a shopaholic!

Asia Snaden-Assistant Teacher

Hi everyone, my name is Asia Snaden, or Ms. Asia! I am 27 years old and have 3 kiddos of my own, Neveah, Nalani, and Nikolai. I'm just getting started in the childcare world, wanting to try something new, and I'm enjoying it so far! I will say I am pretty shy and quiet at first, but I promise I can be fun! I hope I continue to grow as a person on this new journey and I'm excited to help all of the kiddos learn and grow as well!

Three's Room:

Jaya Hedgepeth-Co-Teacher

Hello everyone! My name is Jaya Hedgepeth. I am 23 years old. I graduated with my associates in arts
degree and bachelors in criminal justice. My favorite color is blue and I have a toy poodle named Milo. In my free time I like to get in as many naps as possible!!

Peyton Rush-Co-Teacher

Hey everyone! My name is Peyton and I am 18 years old. I am a student at USI to get a double major in elementary education and special education. I have one cat named Walter! In my free time, I enjoy reading, shopping, and working out.

Four's Room:

Regina Garnett-Lead Teacher

I am excited to have your child as a part of our class. I am Regina Garnett, the lead teacher in the four's room. I am here with over 30 years of experience in educating children. I am a proud graduate of Ball State University '84. I am a divorced mother of two adult children. Charity 36, and William 30. I have three grandchildren! I truly love what I do, which is helping children grow and learn. I grow and learn with them as well each year. I enjoy collecting dolls, cats (not real ones!), crocheting, staying at home, and reading children's books. Also, my favorite color is PURPLE!

Ginette Vilfort-Assistant Teacher

My name is Ms. Ginette, I'm the assistant in the 4-year-old classroom. I was married in July of 2008. I have four beautiful children, 2 girls and 2 boys. I am from Haiti. I am the youngest of my family, I am the youngest of 7 girls. I have a beautiful family. I speak three languages (French, Creole, and English). I love working with children, it is my passion. Back in Haiti, I worked with 2nd grade students for 3 years. I want to continue my education and continue to learn new skills. In my spare time, I love spending time with my family.

Five's Room:

Ruth Duran-Lead Teacher

My name is Ruthie Duran and I have been working with children for over 25 years with two CDAs (National and Indiana). I am married with three wonderful children and three adorable grandsons who are the light of my life! My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys and I have a beautiful boxer puppy named Luna. Working with children is very rewarding for me because I get to see their growth and development throughout the years. I love seeing a child's face light up when they learn something new!

Zarrion Thornton-Assistant Teacher

My name is Zarrion (Z) Thornton and I am the assistant teacher in the Pre-K room. I am 23 years old, and I've been working with children for 3 years with my CDA. I'm currently working on my associate's degree as well! I have an older brother and sister, so I am the baby in my family. I have a passion for teaching because I want to help teach the new generations and watch their development over the years!

Support Staff:

Kassandra Hoskins-Float

My name is Kassandra Hoskins. I go by Kass. I'm originally from Kailua, Hawaii, but I've lived in Evansville since I was about 5 years old. I have a 2-year-old son named Jordan who attends Clouds of Joy as well. In my free time when I'm not here looking after your amazing children, I'm a full time momma who enjoys watching TV, reading, listening to music, as well as spending time with my little family.

Roswitha Barnett-Float

Hello, my name is Ms. Rose. I'm the one who takes care of your babies. I care for your babies like they are my own grandchildren. Thank you for trusting me with your child. I love each and every one, each baby has a special nickname. Call me Grandma Rose, because I am everyone's grandma!

Taylor Washington-Float

Hello, my name is Ms. Taylor! I am 29 years old & a mother of three. I was born in Evansville, IN & raised in Los Angeles, CA! I am currently the assistant teacher in the 3 year old room. I come from a very large family being the second eldest of 9 children. In my free time I enjoy fishing , traveling & spending quality time with my family!

Olivia Marksberry-Float

Hello, I'm Ms. Olivia and I'm a teacher assistant here at Clouds of Joy. I am a pet parent to one cat! My hobbies include running, reading, and art. I am going to school for my CDA and I am also majoring in becoming a dental hygienist.